Steampunk for your home

Steampunk for your home

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

Steampunk is not only something to be incorporated into literature and into your style – there is nothing that says you can’t add some steampunk into your home. Home decor is an excellent way to upgrade your home if you need a change, or just a way to add an extra touch of interest and an extra touch of you to your living space. Whether it’s a house, apartment, dorm room or one-bedroom flat, there is always some room for steampunk decor, bold or more subtle. And don’t worry if you don’t want to cover your entire home in steampunk items – even if you want to, your living partner or landlord might object – you can add subtle details that won’t look out of place but still bring you that little extra bit of joy when you see them every day. That’s what we’re looking at today.

Steampunk home decor can come in a lot of different forms. There’s the desk or shelf-item of decor, there are posters, prints and paintings with steampunkish motifs, innovative light fixtures with industrial-looking twists or cushions and pillows. A great option is to go to add vintage or industrial touches as well, which can immediately change the look of your living space. The point is, normal items, with a twist can make all the difference – we’re not talking big sculptures of steam engines or an airship in your backyard (though if you have the means to do that, then that would look pretty awesome). Small and functional can work just as well, without restricting the use of your space.

Let’s start with a basic thing everyone needs in their home – lights. We usually don’t seem to put a lot of thought into our light fixtures and they are usually quite basic and boring in most places. Well next time your thinking of a change, you can add a unique light to your home. Changing your lampshade to something more vintage-inspired, or going with exposed metal and an industrial look can add a touch of steampunk and retrofuturistic without being too overpowering. Some of our favorites are these Steampunk 4 Head Water Pipe Light Vintage and also the Steampunk Pendant Lights, which in their simplicity and deconstructed style seem to scream industrial era and new lighting technologies.

The water pipe look of the former also looks like it could have been constructed by a steampunk raggamuffin who has reused materials to create something new. Adding some of these to hang by your window will instantly change the feel of any living space, making it more cosy and more steampunk. If you instead want to transform your room into a steampunk pirate cabin, or at least add hints of steampunk pirate to your space, there’s also the Steampunk Living Room Lamp Retro Vintage Style – this adorable monkey will definitely remind you of the times you were flying that airship with that pirate captain.


Continuing with the pirate vibe, another decorative item is the Steampunk Statue Decorative Skull Head Brass, which will definitely look cool wherever you put it. No guarantee the skull will speak back to you, but we’ve heard he’s a really good listener, and will love to hear the steampunk stories you are willing to read to him.


Every home needs an abundance of pillows and cushions. Why not switch it up and add some steampunk motifs to your bedding? You can achieve this by just switching your pillow cases for some more vintage looking ones, or to some with steampunk prints and motifs. One way is to add some technological-looking ones, featuring nuts, bolts and gears in various shapes and sizes. For that purpose these Steampunk Pillow Mechanical work really well. Snuggling up to one of those is that much better than to a plain white pillow case, let’s be honest.

Lastly, there’s no going wrong with some wall art. Whether you go for a poster, a painting or a print is up to you and your room, and you can decide whether to frame it or hang it on your door or wall. The motif can be as dramatic or subtle, abstract or concrete as you like, so this method is of course one of the best in adding your own touch to any living space. For an interesting, unusual motif, you could go for something like this Steampunk Mechanical Mask Dark Octopus Decoration below.

With its metal palette and mechanical details, it’ll definitely add a steampunk flair to your home. And if you’re more of a classic print kind of person, this one of these Steampunk Poster Diesel Locomotives is more crisp and clearly depicts a steampunky machine.

We hope this list has given you some tips one how to upgrade your home in easy ways to make it more steampunky, or just cozy. If you want to continue looking for some items to add to your home, you can do so under steampunk home decor.

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