Steampunk corset styles

Steampunk corset styles

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

Looking for a new piece to add to your steampunk wardrobe? You can’t go wrong when incorporating a corset into your outfit. They pay homage to Victorian fashion and can give your look a retro vibe, but at the same time they can also be very versatile. They come in different styles, shapes and sizes and can be styled in a variety of different ways to fit the look and style you are going for, even if you are going for a more futuristic steampunk look. Corsets can be added on top of other pieces, shirts and dresses, can be worn by themselves, or be incorporated into your dress – the possibilities are many.

We’ve prepared a list for you of some different versions of corsets to inspire your next steampunk look. And if you still want to continue looking, be sure to also check out steampunk corsets, steampunk lingerie and corset dresses to find your next favorite piece – there’s even more to explore there.

1.The traditional

Starting out, you can never go wrong with a classic corset style, reminiscent of the Victorian days of hourglass figures and sleek lines. The Steampunk Corset Plus Size Angela comes in red and white for a pop of brightness, with subtle design and ribbon details. Wearing this over a luxurious shirt or long-line dress would do any steampunk lady justice. These corsets also have a sweetheart neckline for added emphasis


2. The traditionally unique 

For another Victorian-inspired corset, but in a different style and with a completely different feel to it is the Steampunk Corset Plus Size Akira in cream. Still very luxurious and fit for a steampunk lady with its beautiful pattern and unique, gathered bust. Choose this corset if you want a more unique silhouette – the corset will really be the focal point of this outfit.



3. The black and sleek

Now that we've looked at some Victorian-inspired steampunk lady corsets, it's time to turn to some different corset styles. If Victorian retro isn't completely what you're looking for, don't fret. For more black, more sleek, and less traditionally Victorian, you can start by taking a look at the Steampunk Leather Corset below. This minimal corset highlights the lace-up detail and its straight-cut neckline gives a more severe silhouette - perfect if your steampunk character is a bit more nails and a little less lace. 


4. The utility inspired

But don't stop there - corsets can also combine several different elements - for instance, if you combine a corset top with some utilitarian elements, like the Steampunk Corset Gothic, you get an entirely different type of garment. Contrasting a floral bodice pattern with rivets, black leather-like material, pockets and straps, this beautiful corset comes in multiple colors and would be perfect for a steampunk general who isn’t afraid to show people who is in charge. Military-inspired corsets are one of our favorites, since they combine such different, historical elements and assemble them together in new ways – what could be more steampunk than that?


5. The body armor

Corsets can also combine elements from body-armor, or why not think of it as android-features? The Steampunk Harness Corset can serve multiple purposes – looking excellently put together and (at least looking) protected from pirate pistol shots and knife wound - we wouldn't recommend trying it out as real armor though. 



6. The steampunk striped

This list wouldn’t be complete without some corset pieces that incorporate the steampunk stripes. Our Steampunk Corset Betty with its red and black stripes, chain, clasp and lace up details with lace trim is an iconic steampunk look that you can never go wrong with.


7. The underbust

There is also the option of wearing underbust-corsets, which many might find a bit more comfortable and emphasize the shirt you are wearing underneath. For another stripey option, the Steampunk Corset Underbust Plus Size features wider wider vertical stripes in an option of colors for a whimsical look that pairs well with an assortment of quirky gadgets and accessories.


8. The corset dress

We can’t not mention the corset dress – it still incorporates the corset shape and silhouette, but you don’t have to worry about what to pair it with – you already basically have an entire outfit The corset dress comes in all lengths and in many different styles, so whether you’re looking for a longer or shorter dress, with a sleeker or more poofy skirt, you can find whatever you need. For an example of a knee-length dress with an assymetrical hem and underbust corset you can start by checking out the Steampunk Gothic Steel Busk Closure Corset Dress. Pair it with some goggles and boots for contrast and you’re ready to go on an adventure through a smokey steampunk city.

That was our list, but don’t stop here – there are many more steampunk corsets waiting to be found and styled! As one of the most iconic, interesting pieces in any steampunk wardrobe, they deserve to be worn and appreciated - so let's get working on that.

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