How to accessorize: steampunk rings

How to accessorize: steampunk rings

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

So you've got your outfit chosen -  your steampunk jacket and billowy shirt or your corset dress and hat, but something seems to be missing. The finishing touch? Maybe some accessories and steampunk jewelry is just what you need. Don't be afraid of experimenting, layering or trying out different styles - jewelry is something that can really fit in well with your steampunk outfit. You can really customize your jewelry choice after what steampunk vibe you want to achieve. It's also great for wearing on an everyday basis, if you just want to bring something extra to your everyday life.

Today we're focusing on rings - something that anyone can wear, no matter your preferred area of steampunk or your steampunk character. Here are some tips and ideas on how you can add some steampunk rings into your wardrobe.

Let's start simple! Take a ring like this, for example - the Steampunk 925 Sterling Silver Ring.



The design is pretty simple and minimalistic, with a small skull-and-crossbones design, but it could make a steampunk pirate outfit really come together. Or use it in a different way - hang it on a chain around your neck for a completely different look.

We started out pretty timid, but if you're someone who likes to be bold and make a statement with your jewelry as well, there are some completely different styles. A steampunk lady needs some bigger statement pieces, so you could definitely go for something with more character - check out this Steampunk Alligator Stretch Ring. It's unconventional, it's bold, sparkly, and will show everyone that you are in charge.



You can also play around with the types of rings you wear - for another, daintier piece for a steampunk lady, there are styles such as the Steampunk Lace Bracelet with Ring, which combines both a bracelet, a hand cover and a ring. This would look good for an elegant Victorian-inspired look.



Other ways to incorporate something interesting into your ring choice is by using different motifs. Steampunk traveler or cartographer? Go for the Steampunk Ancient World Map Ring, which incorporates some old maps and intricate metal details on the sides. Not too bold and perfect for a touch of steampunk in your everyday life. Or if you take more inspiration from Gothic styles, go for a similar ring, but with another motif - like the Steampunk Gothic Astrology Ring.



You can also add some technological motifs in to your outfit with your ring choice, or some more futuristic-inspired pieces. There are rings featuring different kinds of cog-and wheel shapes like the Steampunk Clockwork Gears Ring. Or interesting designs like this Steampunk Ring Mask, which has a very unique design and can be combined with more classic outfits to really stand out.




Last but not least we have the classic rings and styles you can never beat. With different gems, stones, for men or women, these rings go well if you are taking inspiration from the past. Rings like the Steampunk Big Black Crystal Ring can work with so many different outfits.


We hope you got some inspiration and now have some ideas about what to reach for when in need of steampunk jewelry. If you're interested in seeing more, don't fret, there's a lot of different kinds of steampunk rings to explore! Just head on over to the collection of Steampunk rings here.



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