How to accessorize: steampunk chokers

How to accessorize: steampunk chokers

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This month it’s all about chokers, the wonderfully diverse kind of tight-fitting necklace. Chokers can be styled in many different ways and don’t subscribe to a certain aesthetic – partially because they come in such different styles, and have had such a varied history. A velvet choker, a chain choker or a bedazzled, sparkly choker all give off a different vibe and can be worn for different occasions or to achieve different looks. Chokers have been around for long enough that you can take choker inspiration from Victorian times or from the 1990s. Regardless, the choker is an accessory that is here to stay and keeps making a comeback throughout the centuries. Here are some of our favorite kinds of chokers to hopefully inspire you and your next outfit.

The first kind of choker we are all about, is the simple, but effective ribbon choker. Usually in black, but any color could work well, these chokers are simple, but still make an impact.
You can choose a color that contrasts with your skin tone to really put emphasis on your necklace and your neck, and these can look both elegant, Victorian, or more grunge and Gothic, depending on what you pair it with.The choker above, the Steampunk Clavicle Choker Necklace Velvet Stripe, is a fabric choker that comes in multiple colors. Similar to this choker, there are other types of bands which achieve a similar look, like the velvet choker. These can also be simple, or feature designs, rings, and appliques - like this Steampunk Choker Butterfly below. Wear them with an everyday outfit, or with a Victorian-inspired steampunk dress – there are super versatile.

Now, if you’re going to a  ball or a fancy event, you might want some sparkle – the bejeweled, or diamond chokers work well for such an occasion. Particularly if you are wearing a strapless dress, a sparkly choker really pulls everything together while emphasizing your neck and adding an elegant touch. A choker like this also works well if you’re cosplaying as an aristocratic lady who’s not afraid to flaunt her riches. Chokers such as this Steampunk Luxury Collar Choker allows you to customize how many rows of sparkly stones you want and their color, to coordinate better with your outfit and the level of bedazzlement you wish to achieve. Whether you’re wearing a big, retro-futuristic gown, or some jeans and heels, the sparkly choker will add something extra.
We’ve mentioned some of the most typical kinds of chokers so far, but of course a choker can look in many different, less traditional ways. A multilayer choker is a nice way to stray from the one-band trend. Each layer can be made from a different material, but if you want a more unified look there are also options like the like this Steampunk Choker Arcs, featuring three bands of metal wrapping around your neck and a metallic sheen. Pair this choker with more metallic jewelry, or an all black look to really make your jewelery stand out and reflect the light.


For more statement, unique pieces that very effectively will be the focal point of what you are wearing, there are chokers with innovative designs and big and bold options. These could include big, chunky chokers, chokers featuring chains of different sizes and bold motifs. Some interesting, unique options include this Steampunk Snake Chokers Indian Jewelry, which adds a twinge of ancient times to your look and combines well with earthy tones.

Lastly, for an even bolder look this interesting Indian Design Jewelry Steampunk Choker combines feathers and rhinestones and frame your neck like a statement collar. Add some feathers in your hair and become an extravagant scavenger queen in an industrialized London, or wear it for an event for some added interest. Regardless, you will be the talk of the town in this one.

There are of course many more types of chokers to choose from, and many ways to combine them with your desired look. If you want to have a look for yourself, we recommend going through our steampunk chokers and finding your own favorite kind of choker. Whatever type of material, color or design, chokers are one of those must have jewelery items that we seriously enjoy – hopefully you feel the same.


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