Hats, hats and mini hats

Hats, hats and mini hats

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

One of the key parts of any steampunk outfit is not only the accessories and the clothing, but also the steampunk hat. Since hats can give off a very Victorian vibe and come in retro styles they are a great way of incorporating some late 19th century and early 20th century into your look. And since headgear is one of our favorite things, we thought it was worth focusing on for this week. Top hats and bowler hats are some of the classics, but you can play around with colors, decoration and designs as well as brim size. And don’t forget the mini hats that are more of a hair accessory, but still incorporate the look of a real hat into your look and are just very cute.

Wear steampunk hats either together with a full steampunk outfit at a festival, convention or for a cosplay, but you can also incorporate them into everyday looks – if you are one of those people that rock steampunk accessories on an everyday basis, we definitely tip our hats to you! (Har, har)

Let’s start with some basics – bowler hats! You can always go for a simple black one and add your own accessories. The decoration of the bowler hat is key, though, in catering it to your steampunk aesthetic. This Steampunk Hat with Gears Decorated Goggles does the trick, by incorporating goggles, brass tones, and some feathers into the simple black bowler style. Picture yourself wearing it at a festival, dressed up as a steampunk inventor. Pretty neat.

Another steampunk hat is of course the top hat, which adds more height and drama and is especially fitting for a steampunk gentleman or lady look. There are the solid colors like this Steampunk Top Hat Uncle Sam in black with a standard satin band around the cylinder above the brim, but you can also go for a pop of red – like the solid color Steampunk Hat Wool Top, or even white. This beautiful Steampunk Hat with Feathers and Goggles comes in white, black or red and also features goggles, feathers and some gears and bolts designs on the side. Definitely a hat we long to wear wherever we go, especially when traveling on a fancy airship or zeppelin, or even at a steampunk ball.

You can even style a fedora in a steampunk way, especially if you are going for a more casual, wearable look in your everyday life. This Steampunk Casual Hat features studs along the brim, and this Steampunk Jam Session Hat would be perfect for a steampunk wild west look to protect you from the blazing hot sun and shield your eyes. Or why not a steampunk pirate who rules over his crew with an iron fist? Your imagination is the only limit.

If you’d rather go for mini steampunk clip-in hats that go into your hair or wig, there are plenty of those as well. You could also use these to clip onto other headpieces you already have if you want, like combining a steampunk hat with some ribbons or lace.

If your look features more earthy tones, this mini steampunk hat – the Steampunk Tassels Mini Hat –  would pair really well with those brown lace up boats and satchel of yours. It’s gear design is not too overpowering and adds to the steampunk aesthetic really well.

Another option in black is the Steampunk Hat Broken Watch, which not only features gears but also a watch design, adding to the technological vibe.

And lastly, this Steampunk Mini Hat in black offers a slightly different aesthetic, with some subtle brass detailing, chains and jewels, but also two roses – one in black and one in red, for a pop of color. This one would look perfect with some billowy curls, long boots and a gun strapped to your hip for a southern steampunk look, but could also work really well for a steampunk lady living in a retrofuturistic London.

So there you have it. To be honest, we could talk about hats every day – especially steampunk hats, since they feature such interesting designs and offer so many different possibilities for styling and creative assembling of outfits and other accessories. If you haven’t had enough either, you can always have a look at some more steampunk hats here, or if you also have a weakness for cute little mini hats, you can browse the steampunk mini hat collection here.

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