7 steampunk goggles for any occasion

7 steampunk goggles for any occasion

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One of steampunk's most vital accessories is definitely a pair of goggles with character. You may think goggles aren't the most versatile of pieces, but you can definitely play around with your eyewear for an interesting take on the classic styles or spice up your look to fit your own character or style with a pair of unconventional frames. There are of course the un-beatable classic goggles, but you can also go for some more futuristic frames or even some practical sunglasses to protect your eyes in the blazing sun at your next steampunk convention. Here are 7 of the best styles of steampunk goggles and glasses that you need in your collection, for any occasion!


1. The classic pair

We can't help but start with a classic. These goggles would fit any steampunk scenario – whether you're an airship captain, working on your own steam engine or traveling around through a smokey city. You can play around with the colors – brass goes with earthy tones, silver fits a more technological vibe, and black is a classic. Every basic steampunk beginner's kit should come equipped with one of these. The Steampunk Goggles Ronnie are definitely a must.


2. The dystopian pair

Imagine a more dystopian retro-futuristic universe, where the smog and toxic waste has reached new levels. For those occasions you probably need both a pair of goggles and a gas-mask. So why  not combine both? A really cool option for your goggle collection is a pair of Steampunk Gas Mask Goggles to kill two bird with one stone.



3. The futuristic frames

Victorian-inspired styles are all the rage, but sometimes you need to switch things up with a more furturistic steampunk style. With technological details and different kinds of lenses, a pair of frames like the Steampunk Surreal Goggles Mask fits in all types of futuristic scenarios and is something  everyone needs in their collection.



4. The steampunk sunglasses or the tinted lenses

Steampunk eyewear can also be combined with a pair of sunglasses. There are steampunk goggles with tinted lenses that do the trick and different lens colors can add some color to your look – we suggest a pair of the Steampunk Goggles Billy. Other than that, some sunglasses influenced by steampunk is a good way to go. A pair of sunglasses with round, flip up lenses like these Steampunk Sunglasses Tatum are always a good choice.


5. The motorcycle goggles

This is another classic – the motorcycle goggles that also work well for pilots of airships and pirate airplanes. With their larger lenses and more secure fit, they work well for windy days when your eyes need a bit more protection. Check out these Steampunk Motorcycle Goggles Adderley below.


6. The colorful option

There is always a place in life for some metallic or black steampunk goggles – but all steampunk characters are not the same and some looks require some pizazz in the form of a pop of color. Why not choose the classic steampunk sunglass-silhouette, but switch things up with a pop of, say, bright pink, like in the Steampunk Goggles Barbie? If pink isn't your thing, there are many other colors to choose from, but having a colorful pair of goggles can really add some emphasis to your accessory.




7. The unexpected frames

Lastly, every steampunk eyewear collection needs a wild card. These are sunglasses that you might not at first think of when you hear the word steampunk, but that still can work with your unique character. A futuristic Victorian lady would definitely get a kick out of these ones – the Steampunk Goggles Victoria – and wear them with a frilly dress.





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