5 best time pieces for time traveling

5 best time pieces for time traveling

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

Time traveling is something we should all do at least once in our lives as steampunk fans. While we wait for the technology to be developed, we can prepare by looking at the amazing assortment of steampunk watches and pocket watches to see which ones would be best suited for our adventures. It's important to to have a trusty watch or pocket watch when you time travel to make sure you don't loose track of time! Here are some of the best time pieces that every steampunk fan needs in their collection!

1. The Victorian pocket watch

You can't go wrong with a classic pocket watch, and one inspired by times gone by is always a great piece to have among your accessories. Classic cases, roman numerals and a chain to attach to your steampunk suit makes for a trusty way to keep time. The Steampunk Pocket Watch Roman Numerals shown below is one of our favorites.

2. The antique wrist watch

You don't always want to wear a pocket watch. Good thing that a wrist watch can look just as nice, especially if you go for a style inspired by antique watches. A nice leather-like wrist band and some intricate detailing on the clock face makes wrist watches such as these a great option when you're out and about and trekking through the city. Check out this Steampunk Men's Antique Wriswatch.

3. The technological wristwatch

A wrist watch can have all sorts of details and intricacies, but one of our favorites is the exposed clockwork that gives your steampunk wristwatch a technological vibe. See-through clock faces makes it possible to gaze all day at the intricate cogs and mechanisms of your very own wristwatch. If you're feeling technological, Steampunk Casual Mechanical Watches are for you.


4. The bracelet watch

The bracelet watch is a daintier kind of watch that looks good when layered. If you're planning on a long adventure, but still want a practical watch with some character, or if you're a steampunk lady who likes some decoration you can combine your time piece with straps, beads and charms.

5. The motif pocket watch

Your pocket watch case can take on many different shapes and forms and the variety in designs is immense. One way to make your pocket watch stand out is by choosing one with a different kind of case - whether you want to show appreciation for something you enjoy or you want to add some extra character to the classic pocket watch. The Steampunk Old Captains Pocket Watch Sedia, for example, is perfect for you steampunk pirates out there.




So what are you waiting for? Set your watch, choose a decade, and begin your long adventure!



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