10 Steampunk Characters

10 Steampunk Characters

Authored By RetroStyleShop Team

The steampunk that we all know and love has some main features that are particularly connected to steampunk as a movement. Other than elements from the Victorian times, futurism, retro- futuristic gadgets and Gothic inspirations, there are also some characters that we see again and again, but that can take different forms and that we all know and appreciate. So here we present 10 of our favorite, most interesting, most important, and most common steampunk characters. You can take inspiration from the list in order to find a good steampunk costume to wear, or read it just to get an overview of all the awesome steampunk characters you can find in the steampunk universe!

1. Scientist

If you're a steampunk scientist there's only one real requirement – you have be really really good at science. Steampunk scientists are no joke, their experiments are their passion, and new scientific discoveries motivate and drive them. Whether you're a mad scientist, or a more mellow one, your wild hair and your steampunk goggles show how crazy you are for the art of science. Lab coats, vials of green fluid – you can go all out with this look.

2. Inventor/Engineer

In a world where technology is key, the steampunk inventor and engineer is a vital part of the society. Whether you come up with new incredible steampunk gadgets or are the main engineer for all the steam powered machinery all around you, a world without you would be difficult.

3. Pirate

A steampunk pirate really knows their way around a pirate airship, and also doesn't bat an eyelash when plundering other airships of their loot. Whether you're a loud friendly pirate, or a more sinister one, you will need a cool steampunk vest to complete your look, combined of course with the gadgets and items you've collected on your plundering spree, creating a varied look with a lot of character.

4. Military

One of the coolest steampunk trends is the military style. There certainly are a lot of Victorian style uniforms to take inspiration from, but in order to go for a true steampunk military look you can also combine the retro silhouettes with modern takes on it. A steampunk jacket  is vital for this, as well as some great boots, medals and a weapon or two.

5. Aristocrat: Lady/Gentleman

A Lady or a Gentleman – take your pick, but both of these are staples and an important part of any steampunk universe. The lady wears big and impressive gowns with frill and lace, maybe a corset dress , some steampunk gloves  and you can't go wrong with a steampunk mini hat. The gentleman looks just as dapper in his steampunk vest, dapper suit and steampunk coat. What's important is your upbringing, and that your manners are impeccable. And you are not afraid to spend some money – wealth does run in your family after all and you are not afraid to do whatever you want with it.

6. Adventurer

Life's not complete without some good adventures – at least for the steampunk adventurer who goes on as many as they can! To be an adventurer you need to be drawn to excitement and want to see the world. An adventurer's outfit may be inspired by formalwear, but not as formal as a steampunk lady or a gentleman. Technological gadgets are important for the adventurer so they can survive on their grand adventures, and maybe a weapon to keep you safe. 

7. Explorer

Similar to the adventurer, the explorer lives for the rush of traveling, but specifically in order to explore the world we live in. So choose your mode of transport  – maybe a steamship? –  to go around the world. Take out your map, and go to places that aren't even filled out yet! Practical clothing is needed for an explorer, so put on some useful steampunk pants and go trekking through the world!

8. Intellectual

If reading is your weakness and knowledge is your vice, you will most certainly be a good steampunk intellectual. For this you'll need to carry around some steampunk eyewear to use when you're reading your thick Victorian tome that's tucked beneath your arm wherever you go. You may use the knowledge you've collected from these writings and research you've done for good or bad, but an intellectual debate or two should never be underestimated! After all, knowledge is what makes the world go round.

9. Aviator/Aeronaut

If there's a steamship, zeppelin or airplane that needs flying, you can trust the aviator to do it! The aviator most certainly needs a pair of steampunk goggles to protect their eyes from the biting winds while flying, and a cool steampunk coat completes the look. There are many types of pilots, so the type you are is up to you – are you working for the military, are you the aviator of a pirate ship? One thing's for certain, you're the best aviator around.

10. The ragamuffin

A ragamuffin in the steampunk universe is someone who isn't afraid of getting dirty, and often has a  job where they do. They may be covered in soot from all the machinery they work around, grease stains, and wear patched or looted clothing and gadgets. If you're a ragamuffin you've learned how to take advantage of everything you find and your items all look well worn and worn in.

11. Whatever you wish to be

Lastly, as a extra point, since steampunk is such a large, creative movement, you are really free to pick and choose, combine and select how you wish. This is one of the beauties of steampunk. You can combine any of these characters together, combine it with your other favorite genre, think of a new character entirely – there are no limits! So get thinking, and we're sure you can come up with a great steampunk character yourself!


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